Dream No. 3: Wishing for a Romantic Adventure with Nature

People say that I am one hopeless, romantic girl and who’s to say that there is anything wrong with that unless being one, is pulling me down. Anyone who is in love- You all know what it’s like, you’re willing to do anything for that one person in your life.

Okay, enough of all this talk about love. I’d love to spend time with my loved ones in some romantic getaway or live there forever, surrounded in Mother Nature.

I love spring time with the many colourful flowers blooming everywhere, the mountains and hills, rivers and falls, all epitomize nature. I would like to live in some provincial cottages with my family, near a spring where the kids can swim and play, scenery that is so breath taking that I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else.

Mother Nature

I have been looking to leave the city recently, the pollution and traffic noises as become unbearable for us- we need to take action. The fact that all you can see around are buildings and more buildings. It’s a pity that the green beautiful scenery has all been lost, simply because of the development of the city.

There are still some parts of this country which boasts wide green land where one can stay and start a new life. For me, anywhere with lots of trees, flowers and maybe a farm would be great. If I migrate to another country, anywhere with wide green grass and a small family cottage would do. I’d love to live the simple and uncomplicated life, but then, a computer and electricity will always be a necessity of mine.

Being in a romantic adventure with Mother Nature can be just one summer escapade or it can be living a lifetime dream. Whichever of the two, I’m pretty sure I’d be eternally grateful to my husband for finally keeping his promise.

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10 Responses to “Dream No. 3: Wishing for a Romantic Adventure with Nature”

    Oh my, I am dreaming with you!!! May all our dreams come true!!! … let’s continue to pray for our husbands so they’ll continue to keep their promises! :))

    I’m a city rat. But yeah, green trees and fresh air are luxuries that I really appreciate whenever I step outside the metro.

    you don’t need to live in another country to experience peace, serenity and nature…come to the provinces 🙂

    Pangarap kurin na tumira o makapunta sa lugar na malapit sa nature…
    Nakaka relax kasi…:)

    A place somewhere where u can find peace and quiet is the best place t be specially when u have family and kids already….

    Eigroj Stain

    I agree with you. Nothing beats a date with nature, most especially if its meant to last a lifetime. Retiring in the countryside is definitely a nice option for me, and yes, an Internet connection is definitely a must even with a laidback life. 🙂

    Kalabasa K. Kamote Says:

    That’s a perfect place to relax if someone wants to escape the urban hustle and bustle.

    awww, I feel you. Would love to live someplace green and serene. Where nature will greet you first thing in the morning and you will sleep with the sound of crickets.:)

    nature index itself is very romantic and very peaceful! xx

    very nice photo! i agree-a love affair with nature is a refreshing relationship and with that i could fall over and over again!


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