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Japan Airlines Offers Round-trip Flights to Tokyo with Year-end Ticket Sale

Japan Airlines’ special fares for all Tokyo bound flights comes at the perfect time as travelers prepare for their 2019 trips. With over 10 non-working holidays in the first half of the year, Filipino travelers will be glad to know that they can start filing their leaves to visit Japan either for winter or their […]

Cebu Pacific: First-time Travelers Share Learnings from Juan for Fun 2018

There’s nothing like the feeling of traveling for the very first time – that strange mix of excitement, nervousness, and curiosity, as you board the plane and fly off to your first adventure. At the Juan for Fun 2018, three of the five winning teams experienced this amazing thrill as they fearlessly plunged into Cebu […]

Choosing the Right Road Trip Vehicle

* Sponsored Post: All opinions are mine. If you are planning to buy a new car and would want to use it for mostly family road trips, you need to consider several things. Why? It’s because some cars are simply not made for such long trips. Here are a few tips that might help you […]

GetGo’s Exclusive Island Escape Promo!

When I was young(er), I used to imagine being lost in a deserted island with just my crush (hehehe). That he will do anything to keep me alive, you know, look for food and water, create an SOS sign on the sand etc. Decades later, I still dream of being in an island but of […]

Out of Town Road Trip via Biyaheroes!

This APEC Summit is giving Manileños all hell stress! Yep, APEC is good for the country and the people but most are getting stressed-out due to the road blockage, traffic and in some areas, no available public transportation! Since schools and offices are on holiday, there are those wanting to get out of the Metro […]