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Spookiest Films to Watch on your Vivo V11 Smartphone

Are you a fearless soul? Do you have a tough heart to watch scary movies especially during the Halloween season? Are you fond of spooking your friends? Do you dig wearing scary costumes and go trick or treating? Perhaps you can keep the chilling atmosphere by watching the following spookiest films on your VIVO V11 […]


There are no tricks, just exciting treats #OnlyatRoyce Hotel and Casino. Get your costumes ready and fill your bags full of sweets this October 28, 2018, because we’re going to give everyone a special Boo-Camp with lots of fun and playful mischief for you and your family. Hits: 77

Standout on Instagram with Vivo V11’s AR Stickers

Gaining the massive attention of one’s social media followers through remarkable online pictures has been an ever-growing trend. You need to stand out from a multitude of talents and skills nowadays and be creative such as these influential celebrities: BoybandPH members: Joao Constancia, Neil Murillo, and Russell Reyes, as well as the power couple, KZ […]